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The Burlesque Assassins (2012)

Feature Comedy, 96 Minutes, Produced in association with Telefilm Canada, Superchannel, and Joe Media Group.

Set in the 1950s, The Burlesque Assassins is the story of a group of burlesque performers turned spies on a mission to save the world from a trio of villains hell bent on global domination. The film stars Queen Of Burlesque 2010 Roxi D’Lite, as well as Calgary’s Carrie Schiffler and Dusan Rokvic. The film has won several awards including Best Cinematography (AMPIA 2012) and has screened theatrically over 60 times worldwide.



In Development

Jesus Puts Everyone In Room 105

A feature Length Comedy in development with Super Channel and The Canada Media Foundation. CHaos ensues at a cheap motel when Jesus Puts Everyone In Room 105.

Darren Gets Whacked

Feature length comedy in development with Panacea Entertainment.

Darren is about to be killed by a pair of foul mouthed, tire-iron wielding, devoutly catholic mobsters with terrible breath and a fetish for girls in kinky costumes. Stuffed in the trunk of a car, the only thing he has to save him are hits wits, his cell phone, and his incessantly nagging girlfriend. 4 people, one scene, and a thousand laughs.

This screenplay has won an Alberta screenwriting award, and is currently in development with Telefilm Canada, and Panacea Entertainment.


The 7

7 strangers awaken in 7 separate cells. No doors. No windows. Connected to one another by video monitors. The strangers try to answer the basic questions of how and why they have been imprisoned. There are many theories… a physiological experiment, a reality TV show, the sadistic pleasure of an unnamed billionaire. But before they can glean any useful information, the console lights up, and the game begins. The console is a panel of buttons, the playing field of The Game. The Game is a 7 person contest of strategy, like 7 person chess. Each player moves about the playing field in an attempt to eliminate the others. What they soon learn is that every time a player is eliminated, they are killed and that the methods of death are increasingly horrific. 7 strangers struggle to find solutions, answer questions, and survive the game. They are The 7.



Feature length, Feature Sci-Fi Sci-Fi action film in development.

What would you do if you had one day to save the world?

A fast paced Sci-Fi action feature about a mysterious spy who appears out of nowhere at a military base in the high arctic.

Think fast, move faster, or be Frozen.