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Desiciti (2009)

Sitcom, 24 Minutes, Pilot. Little Brown Girls Productions

Shot on location in Manhattan, this ½ hour Dramady takes a hilarious look at the lives of 4 South Asian women as they try to juggle career, family, and of course romance in the city that never sleeps. Nominated for competition in the 2010 Banff Television Festival’s International Pilots competition, and winner of the New York City Access Television Pilot competition.




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Have Guide Will Travel (2007)

Documentary travel series, 3 half hour episodes. Licensed by CLT, Access and Book TV
Journey with backpackers Jonathan Joffe, Dan McKee, and a host of friends from around the world as they make their way through one of the most magnificent and varied countries on the planet… Mexico! Together they explore the good the bad and the ugly of adventure on a shoestring, and examine the how various travel guides stack up under the pressures and chaos of actual travel.
Episode #1, Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco Episode #2, Puerto Escondido and Oaxacca Episode #3, Puebla, Huamantla, Isla Mujeres, Chichen Itza



In Development

Off The Grid

In development with the generous support of the Alberta Media Development Foundation, this documentary series follows host Sheldon Smithens (Canadian Pickers) as he transforms a historic 1 room school near Pincher Creek Alberta into second home Off The Grid.

The Beat

In development with Bell Media and the Canada Media Foundation, this 1/2 hour comedy series that follows a bright young woman at her first career job in entertainment journalism at her local entertianment weekly paper called The Beat.


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 Lunch Room of Evil

Lunchroom of Evil is a workplace comedy where the workplace is the lair of a Supervillain.

Welcome to Mephisto Inc, offices of struggling supervillain Mephisto who is constantly on the brink of bankruptcy. When the company is threatened by the red tape of the super villain’s union (The League of Villainy), Mephisto must come up with a plan to save his dreams of global domination, and avert a future of moving back into his parent’s basement. Along with his trusted henchmen, and with hipster intern film student Devon recording it all for posterity, Mephisto must battle the law, rival super villains, League of Villainy rules and his own ego if he is to keep the coffee flowing in the Lunchroom of Evil.



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The Arcade

A drone mission in Central Asia turns into a crises when an innocent boy picks up a gun. Thousands of miles away, a group of drone pilots are forced into a life or death choice, with the boy’s life hanging in the balance.

District 9 meets 24




The Adventure

The Adventure is the intersection between a travel show and social media. The Adventure is geared at those who of us with a passion for travel, allowing us to share our stories, our photos, our video and of course share the friendships we have made with fellow travelers from around the world.