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The Boiler Room (2008)

Short Thriller, 10 Minutes

The terrorist who set the bomb claims she doesn’t have the code to disarm it. She swears she doesn’t, even under torture. But there’s only 6 minutes left. And they have her daughter…





The Femme Fatale (2008)

Short Film Noir Mystery, 10 Minutes.

Sam is a detective. You bring him a murder and he’ll find you the killer. But when Sam’s ex-wife walks through his door she brings him a murder case with a twist. She knows who the killer is, he needs to find the victim.

The Detective stars Canadian actors William B. Davis and Karen Ryan.



Outervention (2008)

Short Comedy, 10 Minutes, Premiered at the World Of Comedy Film Festival in Toronto

Poor Kevin has been addicted to everything, drugs, gambling, assembling office furniture, but now his family is beginning to suspect he has become addicted to the interventions themselves. Time for something different… time for an Outervention!


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Cost Of Living (2005)

Short Sci-Fi Drama, 11 minutes, starring William B. Davis and Andrew Krivanek, Aired on CBC.

What would you pay to live forever?

That is the question posed by Cost Of Living, a short film starring William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man, The X-Files). Set in the near future, when a man dying of cancer attempts to purchase a new body he is forced to decide just how much he is willing to pay for immortality. An engaging script, powerful performances, and stylish effects make this short film a must see for everyone.

“With this film, it’s not the Sci-Fi factor that got me, it’s the human factor.” William B. Davis

Shown at over 45 festivals in 6 countries, and winner of over 15 awards for excellence, this astounding short film is shocking drama and an astonishing tale of independent filmmaking success.


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Young Rocket Samurai (2003)

Short Fantasy drama, 21 minutes. Aired on Space.

Maximum action on minimum budget, Young Rocket Samurai pushes the limits of independent moviemaking.

Set in a fantasy world our story follows an orphaned Boy living on a distant farm with his Grandfather. When the well is taken over by a Demon, the Boy convinces a Wandering Samurai to train him to fight the monster. Over the years they train together, and the Boy learns the rich and tragic story of his mysterious teacher. In the end the Boy faces his Demon in a spectacular battle of martial arts and magic. If he survives, he will emerge a Young Rocket Samurai.

With stunning photography and spectacular martial arts, Young Rocket Samurai, brings you the action and the beauty of a Hollywood production on a shoestring budget. The result… a 21 minute roller coaster ride of live action and animation filled with magic and adventure.

Completed for only $10,000, Young Rocket Samurai is a testament to the ingenuity and abilities of Producer / Director Jonathan Joffe. With the construction of a 900 square foot blue screen, countless hours of creature makeup, and months of special effects editing, the film is a triumph of talent and creativity, challenging the traditional limitations of independent moviemaking.

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