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For hundreds of years windmills have been used on the prairies to generate power

For hundreds of years windmills have been used on the prairies to generate power

Each show, Sheldon will tackle an aspect of environmentally sustainable home renovation. Windmills and solar panels, rain barrels and UV filtration, wood stoves and geothermal heating, each week the viewer watch as Sheldon explores the old and the new methods of tackling all the challenges of living Off The Grid on the beautiful but harsh prairie landscape.

Each week Sheldon will meet with local experts on traditional living who walk us through how the First nations people and the pioneers tackled the challenges of living on the prairies. Then he will journey to modern homes, and meet with environmental engineers to see how science and technology are being used to find solutions for living off the grid.

With research in mind, he will set about renovating his historical one room school into a dream vacation property. Science, history, a home renovation reveal, and one of Canada’s most likable hosts all come together each week to bring the viewers on an ongoing journey of discovery in one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world.

Sprinkled throughout this will be Sheldon’s life as an antiques dealer, auctioneer, expert appraiser and local TV personality.  Sheldon’s warm and welcoming personality and his expert eye for Canadian antiques will give Off The Grid that human touch as he connects with other homeowners. He will swap tales and trade collectibles as he decorates the property with historic treasures from the homes he visits along the way, leaving the perfect gift for each homeowner who has come along for Sheldon’s journey.

Topics will include:

  • power generation
  • power storage
  • alternative fuel heating
  • environmentally friendly insulation
  • Water collection and filtration
  • Waste management
  • sustainable building materials
  • repurposing of materials and antiques
  • eco friendly landscaping
  • sustainable gardening