Bio Sheldon Smithens

cashcowboys-sheldonsmithensBio for host Sheldon Smithens


Sheldon has had a long career in the field of Antiques. He has owned Smithens Antiques since 1992 and has been a member of the Auctioneers Society of Southern Alberta since 1980. He teaches courses in Antiques and design as well as art and auctions for the University of Calgary and has conducted appraisals for numerous museums across the prairies.

With his extensive experience Sheldon was a natural choice as co-host of Canadian Pickers, and over the show’s 4 seasons Sheldon’s warm personality has ingratiated him into the hearts of thousands of Canadians. He is sought after for numerous roadshow events and regularly conducts charity auctions for causes ranging from Ducks Unlimited, The Calgary Opera and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Alberta Theatre Projects, Rotary, and many others.

When not working in Calgary, Sheldon spends his time in the picturesque Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta.